Marv Ross Marv Ross, musician and founder of Quarterflash.

“Kira Lesley’s songs reflect a deep connection to her Northwest roots. Her lyrics explore the emotional landscapes and ongoing struggles of those who inhabit the high desert, the wet Western valley, and the remote Cascades. She does this with articulate storytelling and a wry sense of humor in a root-sy musical style – balancing her cynical eye with a tuneful smile and a compelling message of hope.”

–Marv Ross, musician and founding
member of Quarterflash.


Alexa Wiley

Alexa Wiley
Alexa Wiley and Bret Malmquist

“Kira is an inspiration. It’s a delight to hear her grow ever more confident in her unique voice and style. She doesn’t back down.”

–Alexa Wiley, musician and artist,

Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness