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I am excited to be making my first-ever appearance at OMSI AFTER DARK. The show is Wednesday, December 2nd and I will be playing from 5-6:30pm in the Theory Restaurant. I will be joined by guitarist Ken House and vocalist Jackie Gundlach. Their addition brings a new energy to my classic songs and allows me to expand my repertoire, so this show will be enjoyable for old fans and new! The flyer from OMSI is below, there’s gonna be a lot of fascinating stuff going on!
OMSI After Dark: Sounds of Science
December 2, 2015
Located at: OMSI

21+ Only | ID’s Required

OMSI After Dark gets musical! Discover the difference between discord and harmony as OMSI breaks down the science of music.

Due to the popularity of this event, we strongly recommend that you purchase tickets in advance as capacity is limited and may sell out.

OMSI After Dark admission: $13/non-members, $6.50/OMSI members, and FREE for OMSI After Dark Members

Science on Stage |  We’ve got a live stage show that’ll make you think about sound like never before with the help of musical Tesla coils, water goblets and even a propane-powered Ruben’s Tube.

What’s The Frequency? | Do you know the range of frequencies the average human can hear? Test your ears and find out how they stack up.

Oobleck Monster | See what curious forms a sub woofer can coax from Oobleck-the non-Newtonian fluid!

Singing Gummy Bears | Well, maybe more of a blood curdling shriek…

Astounding Resonance | Sound is a very powerful force if you know how to use it.

Space Sounds | In space, no one can hear you scream. True or False? Let’s find out.


5PM I Kira Lesley: A storyteller rooted in folk and country tradition but blooming in the present, Kira’s music rests on strong melodies, lyrics and vocals. The songs address universal experiences of struggle, pain, redemption and joy. She will perform a mix of originals, covers and traditionals, and will also throw in a healthy dose of humor! Website:

7 & 8PM | Dance Lessons with Cameron Martinez, Professional Dance Instructor in the Auditorium. Grab a date and come learn some basic partner dances to get you grooving at tonight’s OMSI After Dark.

7-9PM | Laser Harp Demonstration & Performance with the Artists in the Featured Exhibit

7PM I Swingtown Vipers: The Swingtown Vipers are a raucous swing/jazz quintet featuring members of the local swing and gypsy jazz scenes. Specializing in original and vintage swing vice-laden tunes of the 20s-50s. With hot danceable tunes like “If You’s a Viper”, “Who Put the Benzedrine in Mrs. Murphy’s Ovaltine”, “Reefer Man”, etc. it’s hot vocal swing with a gypsy jazz twist! Website:

7PM | Spirit of 206: We are your friends and neighbors; we are fiercely independent and engaged in our community.  We help others help themselves, and lend a hand or loan a tool to those in need.  We believe that music is an inclusive social experience to be shared and enjoyed by all.  Our Northwestern style of music invites you to tap your toes, sing along, cut a rug, or just sit back and enjoy.  We are The Spirit of 206 (that’s short for 97206) we play music of people, for the people, and by the people, embodying the true spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Carpe Portland! Website:

7:30PM I John Rankin: John Rankin is a songwriter who has been on a steady musical journey. Winner of the WestCoast Songwriter Best Performance of the Year (Portland), he was chosen and mentored by John Legend earlier this year, and opened for him at SXSW. For this special evening, John will perform a solo set of original songs with violin, guitar, voice and loop pedal, best described as acoustic / rhythmic / soul, in a style similar to Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, and Otis Redding. For more information about John, including information on his upcoming debut album:

8:30PM I Bridge City Breakdown: Pop rock cover band that covers radio hits from the 80s up to today with a slightly harder twist. Website:

8:30PM | pseudoboss: Hearkening back to the days when guitars were loud, drums were heavy, and vocals were howling, pseudoboss is an original rock trio born 30 years too late. After retrofitting the lineup in late 2014, pseudoboss is primed for big things in Winter 2015 as they prepare to release their first full length album January 9th at the Wonder Ballroom. Hard-driving and emotive, dynamic and stirring, pseudoboss hopes to gain the respect of their peers while entertaining a broad spectrum of generations. Website:


6:15PM | Physics of Rock n’ Roll with Stan Micklavzina: The Guitar and Physics Rocks the World! A well-paced presentation displays how Rock ‘n Roll and modern day music concerts  are a culmination of physics demonstrations presented to the public. 2015 is The International Year of Light, and what is a modern day concert without the physics of light being applied to the whole mix.  Stanley Micklavzina from The University of Oregon, along with a special musical guest, presents a 2 part presentation, the Physics within the sound and lights of Rock ‘n Roll.

7:45PM | Every Brain Needs Music with Larry Sherman, PhD, musical neuroscientist at OHSU. Did you ever wonder why you love (or don’t love) music? Or how the brain recognizes music? Or if music can help the brain develop or improve healthy brain aging? Dr. Sherman, offers answers to these questions as well as insights into some of the most exciting brain research in recent years.

9PM | Capturing Sound – A History of Microphones and How They Work with Philip Graham, proprieter, Ear Trumpet Labs. The use of the microphone to transform acoustic sound into electronic form profoundly changed how we experience music. Walk through the different designs of microphones from both an engineering and artistic perspective with a modern-day microphone designer and builder.


  • Barefoot Wine & Bubbly
  • Beam Suntory
  • Brad’s Bread
  • DJ’s Food & Gifts
  • Fat Head’s Brewery
  • Fatdog Mustard
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes
  • NW Elixirs
  • Pinkleton’s Caramel Corn
  • Pok Pok Som
  • Wandering Aengus



  • Ear Trumpet Labs
  • Mark Simmons Instruments
  • Klarquist
  • Oregon Symphony
  • Rock Band with Ground Kontrol
  • Youth Music Project

Sponsorship for OMSI After Dark: Sounds of Science is provided by Klarquist®.

Questions? Call 503.797.4642 or email


Ticketing questions call 503.797.4634

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