My (belated) Resolution

This is a New Year’s post that’s long overdue. When I was a kid, I occasionally wrote in a journal. But my compulsion to write everything I could possibly think of that had IMG_3251happened since my last entry, and everything I wanted to say, kept me from actually saying it. That has been the case with my writing this. I know there are people I have met over the years who have a genuine interest in me and in what I’m doing with my life, musically or otherwise. I want to update you, and so that is my first resolution—to maintain better contact with people who have expressed interest in my work. This will happen via the usual routes—social media, my website, and by starting my oft-discussed but never initiated mailing list. 

My next musical resolution is to book more gigs. And finally, my third resolution is to record a full length album. I do not know how this is going to happen yet—the democratization and fracturing of the music industry has created so many pathways that the prospects are both exciting and overwhelming. Even with fewer barriers to one’s audience today than in decades past, time and money are always helpful. But since most of us don’t have these in an unlimited quantity, we make it work with what we have. So I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t know yet what the album will look like or how I will get it made (will it be a mixtape? will it be crowd-sourced? will it be self-produced?) but it’s become clear to me how important it is to me personally that I do this. Thank you all for reading this and following me as I continue to try to find a path that includes making and sharing music.

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