Mad Men’s Perfect Ending: My Thoughts Before Reading Anyone Else’s!

Mad Men came to a perfect end last Sunday and although I am sad to see it go, I feel good about the way we said goodbye. The show holds a special place in my heart because its premiere corresponded to a time of significant change (for the better) in my life.  The Music of Mad … More Mad Men’s Perfect Ending: My Thoughts Before Reading Anyone Else’s!

Graceland Revisited

Paul Simon, Graceland, Iggy Azalea, Ladysmith Black Mambazo When I was a little kid in the late 1980s, my mother had a few albums on tape that she listened to as we ran errands. I enjoy all of them, although some have had greater influence on my own musical style and interest than others. These … More Graceland Revisited

How I Quit Smoking

I used cigarettes as  crutch to help me stop drinking. It was  an example of cross addiction. If I make it to January 1st without any nicotine, I will have gone four years without nicotine of any kind. Over at I shared my story of how I quit smoking and broke my addiction to … More How I Quit Smoking

Nice to see you!

Hi there and welcome to my blog. This first post is very simple, just an introduction. I realized I had my music for sale on one site and streaming on two others and in addition I write a blog for a mental health web site and keep a youtube channel for music. I want to … More Nice to see you!