Kira Lesley EP

Artwork and Lyrics from my 2015 EP


street-photo-farblue-dress-1cropped-backcover11.jpgEP cover

“Golden Cage” by Kira Lesley

Welcome to the first circle, it’s a place that I’ve come to know well
Fragments of mercy may fall at your feet, but never forget
you’re still in Hell

You’re in the golden cage
born into a gilded age
biding time with silent rage
waiting for your heart to give
or breaking free so you can live

Dress in a gown of pure white
eat from a plastic platter
sleep in a sterilized bed every night
when morning breaks, what does it matter?

Here’s a little tip I’ve learned, somewhere along the way
don’t let them know that they’re getting to you
don’t give your power away

It’s time for introductions, everyone state your name
your favorite pie, game, TV show, or color
apple or peach–it’s all the same


Now carriages line the hallway
black as the minds they consume
angels of death come to wheel them away
to a rubber electronic room

You’re nearly dead on the inside
but there’s safety in being bound
you might take flight when you exit those doors
you might plunge deeper underground

They say we all have done strange things
they say we’re on a repreive
it’s true that we’re in the outermost ring
ask yourself, do you really want to leave?



“Madras Greyhound Line” by Kira Lesley

Last night Matt drove his truck up to the mountain
Twelve miles down the road is where they found him
Now a case of beer won’t kill a man that size
But in the morning, he’ll be wishing that he’d died

Now he’s sitting in jail again for another ninety days
tried to ask him why, but he didn’t have much to say
he said, I used to be a dreamer, but dreaming doesn’t pay
and the Greyhound line to Madras closed today

The cop said his blood level was way too high
it was reckless and it was wrong to try to drive
Matt said, I know the risks of liquor, and they’re real
but I was the only one up there to kill


Now that mountain road was empty, nobody died
just another route D-U-double I
cuz the dreams of the pioneer’s long dead out there
and it’s hard to find the will to change when you just don’t care



“Baby Don’t You Call Me Baby (When I’m Mad at You)” by Kira Lesley

You can call me a jerk, you can call me a jerk
you want a rise out of me? well, darlin’, that won’t work
you can me a nag, you can call me a drag
ah but baby don’t you call me baby when I’m mad at you

You can say that I’m crazy, you can say that I’m crazy
believe me, honey, that one will not faze me
Ah, but if I were you, there’s one thing I wouldn’t do
and that’s baby don’t you call me baby when I’m mad at you

I got a pretty thick skin, and I don’t want you to win
it’s hard to get my goat
If I don’t give a reaction you don’t get no satisfaction
no chance to gloat

You can call me a bitch now, you know I won’t drop a stitch now
ah but baby don’t you call me baby when I’m mad at you


“Better” by Kira Lesley

Honestly, it’s not going good
recently, nothing’s gone as I would
have liked for it to
but something is different now
finally, I’m learning how to live

And I’m just a little tired, but it’s not bad
and I’m just a little